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Ceramics Macor®

General Properties: Machinable glass ceramic has a continuous use temperature of 800 degrees Centigrade. Its coefficient of thermal expansion readily matches most metals and sealing glasses. It is nonwetting, exhibits zero porosity, and unlike ductile materials, won't deform. It is an excellent insulator at high voltages, various frequencies and high tempretures, and when properly baked out won't outgas vacuum environments and is normally WHITE in color. It may be machined using standard metal working tools and operations including lathes, drills, mills and machining centers and has suprisingly tight tolerances up to .0005".

• Machinable with ordinary metalworking tools, good chemical resistance;
• High Dialectric strength, superior vacuum tightness;
• Strong dimensional strength, withstands temperatures of 1000-1800 centrigrade;

Industry Applications
Scientific applications, aerospace, experimental, medical, industrial. Can be used for nozzles, sensor housing, bearings, fixtures, guides, electrical insulators, thermal insolators.

Ceramics Macor®
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Macor (Sheet, Tube Rod)
Part No. Description
P-49638 Macor Tube 3.0 OD x 2.0 ID FT
P-49600 Macor Sheet 0.125 x 6 x 6 Each
P-49601 Macor Disc Each
P-49602 Macor Rod 0.187 Dia Ft
P-49603 Macor Rod 0.250 Dia Ft
P-49604 Macor Rod 0.875 Dia Ft
P-49605 Macor Rod 0.500 Dia Ft
P-49606 Macor Rod 1.00 Dia Ft
P-49607 Macor Rod 0.625 Dia Ft
P-49608 Macor Square Bar 5/8 x 5/8 Each
P-49609 Macor Square Bar 1/4 x 1/4 12 long Each
P-49610 Macor Square Bar 1/2 x 1/2 12 long Each
P-49611 Macor Rod 0.750 Dia Ft
P-49613 Macor Rod 0.375 Dia Ft
P-49614 Macor Rod 1.250 Dia Ft
P-49615 Macor Rod 1.500 Dia Ft
P-49616 Macor Hex Rod Ft
P-49617 Macor Rod 1.750 Dia Ft
P-49618 Macor Tube 2.00 OD x 1/8 Width Ft
P-49619 Macor Square Bar 3/4 x 3/4 Ft
P-49621 Macor Rod 2.00 Dia Ft
P-49622 Macor Disc .125 x 12" Dia Each
P-49623 Macor Rod 3.00 Dia Ft
P-49624 Macor Rod 2.375 Dia x 12" Long
P-49625 Macor Rod 3.00 Dia Length
P-49633 Macor Rod 3.00 Dia Ft
P-49636 Macor Square Bar 1.00 x 1.00 Ft
P-49643 Macor Rod 4.00 Inches Dia x 3 inches Each
P-49650 Macor Sheet 0.062 x 3 x 3 Each
P-49652 Macor Square Foot 0.500 SF
P-49653 Macor Sheet 0.1875 SF
P-49654 Macor Sheet 0.600 x .750 x .350 Each
P-49655 Macor Sheet 0.250 x 3 x 6 Each
P-49656 Macor Sheet 0.375 SF
P-49657 Macor 0.750 x 3 x 3 Each
P-49661 Macor Sheet 1.00 x 12 x 12 Each
P-49662 Macor Sheet 0.625 x 12 x 12 SF
P-49663 Macor Sheet 0.625 x 6 x 6 Each

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